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Prepare lessons in a user-friendly interface

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User-friendly Interface

Simple interface to help you get started with creating your own content. We have integrated several useful features:

  • Draw simple shapes and diagrams to explain difficult concepts.
  • Direct access to Pixabay images - a database with over 500,000 legally free images.

Watch the slideshow for an introduction to course creation.

Simulations, Videos & More

Interactive Simulations

√ Encourage inquiry based learning

√ Feedback from student interactions

√ Easily embed high quality simulations from the PhET archive

Engaging Videos

√ Include videos from popular science channels

√ Include videos from the iSci.one experiments archive

√ Create your own videos and include them in the course

Puzzles and quizzes

√  Create your own interactive quizzes or puzzles from a built-in interface

 √ Single/multiple choice, sorting, matrix, fill-in-the-blank and survey quizzes

 √ More simple games are on the roadmap

Quizzes and puzzles


√ Include guidelines for teacher's eyes only

√ Include supplementary documents such as PDFs or DOCXs

√ Several introductory videos to get you started with your first course



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