About Us

About Us

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Who are we?

We are a team of enthusiastic educators, scientists, engineers and software developers. The iSci.one platform was founded by Michael Lindholm Nielsen in late 2015.

The idea for a blended learning platform came about during his time as a physics teacher. Michael says "I remember that there was a real buzz about e-learning at the time, especially for higher education but there were only a few choices for secondary education".

Today we see more options for secondary education but so far none has really specialised in STEM education. It is also apparent that current platforms focus on providing one-way video content and quizzes.

Our goal is, to bring three main things to STEM teachers and students:

  1. Collaborative tools and learner gamification to stimulate student engagement and student motivation.
  2. Integrated tools to perform and document online simulations and compare these with real laboratory experiments.
  3. Support for theme-based mini-courses that will allow students to see how they can apply STEM subjects in the real world.

Our Team

Michael Lindholm Nielsen
M.Sc. Astronomy, B.Sc. Physics
Support for Classroom Resources at ESA (2014-2015)
Physics Teacher at a Technical High School, Denmark (2013-2014)
Instructor and Research Fellow at Aarhus University (2012-2013)
Various educational projects (2000 - 2012)

Dani Sors Raurell
M.Sc. Aerospace Engineer
Support for CanSat and hands-on activities at ESA (2014 -)

Alberto Rodríguez Mitre
M.Sc. Aerospace Engineer
Software Engineer at LMCFT (2014 -)



Our Goal

Is to create the best possible blended learning platform for STEM teachers and high school students. It is no small feat to deliver on this. Therefore, this goal is split into four phases.

Phase 1: Initial development and testing (Completed 3.14.2016)
In this phase, we identified, developed and tested the first set of tools to be used by STEM teachers. Learn more about these tools here.

Phase 2: Soft launch of iSci.one | interactive Science (Started 3.14.2016)
In this phase, we encourage science teachers to join the platform and use the tools to create courses. During this phase, we depend on feedback from teachers so we can improve the tools and usability of our site. We are also actively seeking partners to extend the usage of the platform. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Phase 3: Launch of iSci.one | interactive Science (Scheduled Q3 2016)
In this phase, we perform the first real test of the platform. The first schools and high school students will be using the platform and provide valuable feedback for further improvement. Please feel free to contact us, if your school is interested in taking part of this.

Phase 4: Post evaluation and further development (Scheduled Q1 2017)
We already have big plans for the second generation of iSci.one. Sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to date with our progress.