High School Science

Developed by Teachers, Scientists and Engineers

√ Tested in real classrooms

√ Relevant real world examples

√ Teacher guidelines on how to use in classrooms

√ Covers topics in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Interactive Tools

Engaging content help to reinforce difficult topics

√ Simple games

√ Video demonstrations

√ Various types of interactive quizzes

√ Simulations and online experiments

Social Learning

Courses organised in groups to encourage collaboration

√ Forums for discussions

√ Badges when completing courses or helping friends

√ Events to organise upcoming classroom activities or meetups

√ Shared documents that allow students to collaborate on group projects

Try our prototype course


Design your own telescope

Have you ever wondered how a telescope works? In this course, you will learn how to use basic physical principles to design your own telescope. The course material is directly linked to geometric optics, reflection, refraction and Snell’s law.

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